Journey of 2018

Hello and happy new year to everyone who happens to check out this blog.

2018 was a great journey, i’ve got to :

  • meet inspirational people throughout events like VN Tech, VietPro, Rakuten Conference…
  • explore Google Japan office !!!
  • work on different areas of software development
  • move to a quiet place outside Tokyo to save money
  • me and my friends finished our iOS app we had planned to do for a while
  • and visit more places in Japan
  • and last but not least, the first post on this blog

Though i could not spend as much time as i originally intended on this blog, i do hope for that will no longer be the case in 2019, for this to be another phenomenon year as well, for me and for all of you who’s reading this blog.
So to begin the journey with a series of posts about Kotlin and all the technology i’ve been working with recently, starting from this one.